Artisan vegan salami

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Smoky Soppressata

Calabrian-style salami influenced by the flavors of southern Italy. Calabria is a region in southern Italy known for its spicy and robust cuisine. Because of the warm and humid climate, Calabrians have made an art of food preservation and their dry-cured salami Soppressata is a perfect example of that.

Flavor profile: Applewood smoke and black pepper.

Spicy Chorizo

Spanish-style chorizo infused with the country’s defining spices. Spain has a rich history of food preservation and the Mediterranean culture has a love of bold flavors and spice. With roots in old world ingredients, they have brought to life the renowned fermented Chorizo, full of garlic and paprika.

Flavor profile: Smoked paprika and garlic.

Sweet Toscana

Tuscan-style salami with origins in the wild fennel fields. Tuscany is a region in central Italy known for its fresh and simple cuisine. The region is rich in agriculture and the wild fennel fields are a quintessential part of their landscape and our Toscana salami.

Flavor profile: Sweet Italian herbs and roasted red peppers.